On the Break

Daniil knew that Baltika was beginning to go places. The Russian oblast was becoming more recognisable across Europe, and domestic rivals knew they had a new competitor on the scene. After finishing 21 points behind league winners Dinamo Moscow, Daniil knew that recruitment was going to be key this summer as he looked to build a side capable of shocking not only the nation but the continent.

As always, Daniil knew that Selimović, Jiménez and Dyulgerov were going to be the crucial components to keep a hold of over the summer window, but adding quality throughout the squad was the hardest part – Baltika struggled with a thin squad last season and this was something Daniil wanted to rectify this season.

It was a busy summer for Baltika with £10 million being spent, a new club record. But Daniil was entrusted with that budget, and he wanted to stretch it…

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